• Christian Bering

    Christian Bering

    Management/enterprise architecture consultant. Brainpower for hire. Information omnivore. Happy camper.

  • Joseph JD D'Cruz

    Joseph JD D'Cruz

  • The Hub of All Things

    The Hub of All Things

    We think we can build a better Internet, putting you in control of your data.

  • Petri uusikyla

    Petri uusikyla

  • Daniel Hooman

    Daniel Hooman

    Director | Trainer | CLP, SPC4, CSP, CSM, CSPO | #Agile #Scrum #Kanban #Lean #Leadership #BusinessAgility #Analytics #Growthhacking

  • TheGoodData


    1st data coop. TheGoodData helps People win back ownership of their personal data and make it work for a Good Cause

  • Maxim Dedushkov

    Maxim Dedushkov

    collective intelligence design for public good

  • Paul Houghton

    Paul Houghton

    the engineer, nof1.ai, cybersine.fi

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